Week 2 Write Point and Plagiarism Checker Answers

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When I submitted my Final Project Topic Check Point for a Write Point and for Plagiarism Checker review, I did get some feedback from Write Point, but I didn’t get any thing back from Plagiarism Checker. The feedback that I received from Write Point was very helpful and useful. I was surprised with the feed back; I didn’t realize some of the things I was doing when writing. I found out I needed to eliminate colloquial language, because it is used when speaking not in
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Unformatted text preview: academic writing. I never knew when writing you should use the word “that’ for animals, things, and sometimes collective or anonymous people. I am really glad to have these tools to help me learn to be a better writer. Overall the most valuable thing to me from this feedback has to; know that I need to work on my writing....
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