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Week 3 Com140 DQ 1 - individual who is doing the writing...

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I believe content and purpose depend on his or hers audience. Depending on who his or her audience is, should generate their purpose and content. Their audience will also decide their tone. Business and interpersonal communication are different, but can be similar in some ways when it comes to purpose, audience, tone, and content. The tone a person would use in a business document or business email is most likely going to be professional and formal. The document has to have some kind of structure, be non-bias, and have a formal tone. Now, on the other hand, interpersonal communication needs no structure, can be informal, and should still be non-bias, but it also depends on the
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Unformatted text preview: individual who is doing the writing. Because I believe anyone can always write in a formal tone. For example, I try to always write in a formal tone because of my military police background. When I had to write sworn statements and fill out paperwork for the military, I always wrote in a professional and formal tone. As military police officer are trained to write this way so that anyone reading their paperwork could understand what was being said, not ever knowing whom their audience was going to be. Their paperwork or sworn statements could be and are used in courtroom settings. This is why I tend to always right in a formal tone....
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