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STP429: Assignment #3 Dr. Jennifer Broatch Problems listed are from the text. All problems must be answered completely and clearly for credit. All pages must be stapled together IN ORDER. If SAS output is required to complete the problem, attach the PERTINENT output. Indicate by highlighting etc. .. where the answer was located on the output. You must also write your specific answer to the question separately from the output. If you include all the output at the end, your answer must clearly indicate where the output is located (i.e. “see page 3 of the output provided”). Output without interpretation will NOT receive credit. Answers that do not clearly provide output from which the answer is derived will also not receive any credit. 1. Chapter 14: Question #1: (a) Part (a) as written. (b) Part (b): Is the normality assumption violated? Use the normality tests from proc
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Unformatted text preview: univariate and the normplt macro, and normal probability plot in your discussion. (c) Part (c) - Examine outlier diagnostics, including the jackknife residuals, Cook’s distance and residual plots. (d) Use the Box-Cox macro to suggest an appropriate transformation. Include a RSME plot in the discussion. 2. Repeat problem #1 (a - c) using log 10 dry weight as the response. For part (d): Does the Box-Cox macro suggest a transformation? What is the result of the macro in this case? 3. Repeat problem #1 (a - c ) using the data from Chapter 5 #3. For part (d), what remedies, if any, would you suggest? 4. Repeat problem #1 (a - c) using the data from Chapter 5 #5. For part (d), what remedies, if any, would you suggest? 1...
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