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STP429: Assignment #5: Chapters 8 and 9 Dr. Jennifer Broatch 1. Chapter 8 #4 parts a-c. The data step is provided below: data ch08q04; title ’Chapter 8: Question 4’; * READ IN THE DATA; infile ". ...\ascii-comma\ch08q04.txt" dlm=’,’ firstobs=2; input CITY Y X1 X2 X3; run; 2. Chapter 8 #14. The data step is provided below: **Note: you must get my copy of the data on Blackboard. data ch08q14; title ’Chapter 8: Question 14’; * READ IN THE DATA;
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Unformatted text preview: infile "C:. ..\ch08q14A.csv" dlm=, firstobs=2; input MSA_City $ MSA_STATE $ OWNEROCC OWNCOST URBAN; run; 3. Chapter 9 #5 parts a-e: Hint- part c you must dene variable in data step and use a test statement. data ch09q05; title Chapter 9: Question 5; * READ IN THE DATA; infile ". ...\ascii-comma\ch09q05.txt" dlm=, firstobs=2; input Y X1 X2 X3; run; 4. Chapter 9 #7. 5. Chapter 9 #13. 1...
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