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MUS307 Lecture_Notes_11_5_07

MUS307 Lecture_Notes_11_5_07 - II Trumpet sound a Tin like...

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Lecture Notes 11 5 07 Miles Davis I. History a. Started with Charlie Parker i. Just seemed like a watered down Dizzy Gelpeski ii. Searching for an understated way of playing iii. More in to playing with nuance 1. Less flash b. 50s i. Has his own sound ii. Starts Prestige label and records for them iii. Picks up popularity and makes the first great quintet 1. Coltrane, Miles, etc 2. Most sought after group c. Gets signed with Columbia Records i. Still owes four albums to Prestige records ii. Goes and records them all in one day iii. Could substitute vocals with his sweet tunes d. Starts working with Gil Evans again i. Famous composer/arranger, becomes good friends with Davis ii. Originally did Birth of the Cool iii. Now add a huge ensemble, very orchestral 1. Orchestral sound with a jazz sound iv. Genius arranger, beautiful albums v. Wind ensemble with jazz vi. Sketches of Spain 1. Miles always looking for something different, became fascinated with Spanish music 2. Most famous of Davis and Evans albums 3. Very orchestral, not even swinging rhythm section
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Unformatted text preview: II. Trumpet sound a. Tin like, metallic b. Uses mute c. Pioneered use of Harmon mute d. Cool, understated sound e. Space in solos f. Doesn’t play as many notes g. Solos are more lyrical, can be sung III. Coltrane a. More adventurous in playing b. Louder, more boisterous IV. Trailblazing a. West coast musicians were accused of having a flat, pretty sound all the time b. Miles had real depth and was always changing c. Kind of Blue i. Most popular jazz album ii. Historically one of the first albums to feature modal jazz iii. Musicians stop thinking in terms of chords and use scales and sounds iv. Miles just used two chords v. Musicians couldn’t use cliché licks, they only had a few chords and had to think differently vi. Miles on trumpet, John Coltrane, Cannonball Aderly (his first great gig), Bill Evans on piano 1. Bill wasn’t flashy or swinging 2. He was completely different 3. Sounded like European classical music...
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MUS307 Lecture_Notes_11_5_07 - II Trumpet sound a Tin like...

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