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9:00am-11:45am MTWTh --Stipes Hall 319 Summer 2009 Department of Economics, College of Business and Technology Accredited by AACSB International--The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business CONTACT INFORMATION:       Professor:  Dr. Tara Westerhold Office Location: Stipes Hall 442 I (inside the Economics Department) Phone:         298-1313 (direct line with voicemail) E-mail: TN-Westerhold@wiu.edu   Office Hours:    MTWTh 11.45pm-12.30pm; and by appointment Website: http://faculty.wiu.edu/TN-Westerhold COURSE   OBJECTIVE:     The   main   objective   of   this   course   is   to   provide   the   student   with   an  understanding of the economic theories and analyses applied to practical business applications.  Emphasis   is   placed   on   determination   of   supply   and   demand   equations   that   reflect   real   world  conditions, profit maximization, cost minimization, and pricing strategies.  o Prerequisite: Economics 232 Principles of Microeconomics.    Math skills including the following: percentage changes, solving algebraic equations, and  simple derivatives. Excel skills including the following: creating columns of data using formulas, graphing results,  and basic statistical operations. COURSE MATERIALS: Required  Fundamentals  of Managerial  Economics  by Mark Hirschey  (9 th   edition  ISBN: 978-0-324- 58878-1).  The textbook is essential for success in this course. At the end of each topic you will  be assigned practice questions from the textbook applying the lecture material. Because of the  limited time frame of this course it is virtually impossible to assign homework problems and  have  them   graded   and   returned   to  you  before   you   take  an  exam.  Hence,  most  of   the  homework will be excel based applications. However, you will have regular quizzes that are  similar to the daily practice problems assigned. Calculator—you may 
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