MUS307 Miles_Davis - -Met Evans during the original birth...

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Miles Davis – doesn’t fit into any one period (around from early Bebop period to the early 90’s) - Reinvented Jazz multiple times - Quiet but intense sound - Almost like he was singing through his horn - Had 2 great quintets - Was known for utilizing space in his solos - First Mogal jazz album – “Kind of Blue” First Great Quintet – - Recorded 6 albums o For the Prestige Label – had a contract with them but was being approached by Columbia He decided to make the 4 albums with Prestige in a matter of days Workin’ Cookin’ Relaxin’ o Uses the Harmon Mute on almost all tracks (pioneered the use of this) Steamin’ - Philly Jo Jones - Drums - Paul Chambers – Bass player (known for bowing the Bass) - Red Garland – Piano - John Coltrane – Tenor Sax o Played a lot of notes which contrasted with Miles nicely Works on some projects with Gill Evans (an arranger)
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Unformatted text preview: -Met Evans during the original birth of cool recording-Records under Columbia records with a huge ensemble (orchestral sound minus strings with Jazz influence) o Some of the most beautiful albums recorded in history. THERE ARE NOTES IN YOUR NOTEBOOK (BATTERY DIED ) Second Great Quintet -Tony Williams - 17yo Drummer-Herbie Hancock Piano-Ron Carter bass-Wayne Shorter innovative composer (he composed most of the 2 nd Quintets songs) o Differences from the first great quintet 1 st was a very conventional jazz group 2 nd somewhat threw out most jazz conventions (molded the rules into their own They made the music more fluid and changing Started out playing the 1 st great quintets songs but they were unrecognizable Shorters compositions :...
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MUS307 Miles_Davis - -Met Evans during the original birth...

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