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1 Chapter 9 Hurting: Occupational Injuries • There are great number of safety hazards facing employers and workers within the workplace. • Trauma is by definition an injury produced by a force (violence, thermal, chemical, or an extrinsic agent) • Most workplaces are a plethora of energy sources from potential (stored) energy to kinetic (energy in motion) energy sources. • Trauma-related events are a lot easier to observe and evaluate than those related to occupational illness. The reason that this statement has validity is that: • 1. Trauma occurs in real time with no latency period. • 2. Trauma cases have an immediate sequence of events. • 3. Outcomes are readily observable (only have to reconstruct a few minutes or hours).
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2 • 4. Root or basic causes are more clearly identified. • 5. Events allow for easy detection of cause-and-effect relationships. • 6. Death and injuries are not difficult to diagnose. • 7. Deaths and injuries are highly preventable. Occupational Trauma Deaths • In 1984 National Institute of Safety Health estimated that the number of trauma-related deaths were 10,000 per year. • In the Construction Industry, there are four leading cause of construction-related deaths: Falls (33%), Struck by (22%), Caught in/between (18%), Shock (17%), all others (10%). • In 2000 there were 5,915 fatal work injuries; this was a decline of two percent from 1999. • As you can see mining has the worst rate, Mining has very few workers compared to other industries and 156 deaths are a lot of deaths for a small population. Agriculture also has a small workforce but suffered 720 deaths, but the danger to the worker in that industry is higher than any other except mining.
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Chapter_9_10_Printable - Chapter 9 H u r tin g : O c c u p...

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