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1 Chapter 18 All Around: Workplace Environmental Issues • Occupational safety and health have undergone a change in that safety and health have been expanded to include the workplace environment. • The US Dept of Environmental Protections (USEPA) or your state Department of Environmental Protection may become alerted to these incidents and find you violation of existing environmental laws. Industry Today • The responsible industry of today has the goal of producing a manufacturing process that will have minimal impact upon the environment. • Some of the ways the technology can be applied to minimize environmental impact are as follows: • 1. Increase efficiency by optimization of processing operations. • 2. Increase efficiency and maximize fuel use by using waste heat recovery system to achieve full energy use.
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2 • 3. Decrease pollution by using materials that minimize pollution. • 4. Treat waste products efficiently by using advanced technologies. • 5. Decrease waste production by using precision processing and machining systems (ex: lasers). • 6. Maintaining maximum energy efficiency,
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Chapter_18_Printable 0726 - Chapter 18 A ll A ro u n d : W...

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