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Week Five Assignment-hum - Week Five Assignment The latest...

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Unformatted text preview: Week Five Assignment The latest movie I choose to do a review on was 007. The story goes like this: There is a rich millionaire who gives loans to organizations and individuals to carry out terrorist activities. Bond catches up with one of them in Madagascar. A mind blowing chase ensues with Bond sprinting behind this athletic man over cranes overhead bridges and large wooden blocks. James gets a lead through this man which finds him on the shores of Rhode Islands. He gets several leads and ends up in ‘Casino Royale’ a huge multi casino, a source of money for the loan giving millionaire (I didn’t know that gamblers would take a risk by advertising themselves in such a manner) following tracks of one these loan takers. Bond is given the task of making this man bankrupt by defeating him in a game of stakes. For this, Bond is given complete government support (ever heard of a government which provides inexhaustible funds for gambling) here comes in Eva Green who is the government representative who...
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