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Macroeconomics 1B, Fall 2009 Problem Set #4 Chapter 14 Problems 1. Problem 1.6 “Pegging Interest Rates. 2. Problem 4.5 “Interest Rates, Durable Goods, and Nondurable Goods. 3. Problem 4.6 “Where is Monetary Policy Stronger” 4. Problem 4.7 “Tracing the Effects of An Increase in the Money Supply”
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15 Problems 5. Problem 2.4 “Supply Shocks and Policy Choices” 6. Problem 2.5 “Optimistic Firms in the Long Run” 7. Problem 3.5 “Understanding Japanese Fiscal Policy” 8. Problem 3.10 “Tax Increases and Crowding In”...
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