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FINAL EXAM FORM A 1 INSTRUCTIONS Write your name in the slot above and on the scantron form and bubble in on the scantron your ID number and the test form letter shown in the top right corner above . For each test question, indicate the BEST answer from among the alternatives by bubbling in the appropriate slot on the scantron. The phonetic symbols of English sounds appear on the consonant and vowel charts on the last page. You are free to consult these charts. 1. Which of the following phonetic transcriptions has at least one gross error? a. scold [skold] b. next [ n ɛ kst ] c. ammunition [ ammuni ʃ on ] d. wrote [ r ʷ ot ] 2. Which of the following words would you be pronouncing accurately in standard American English if you were to pronounce the first sound of this word by doing at least the following things: (i) opening your glottis so that there is no vocal cord vibration, and (ii) putting your lower teeth on your upper lip. a. fusion b. phantom c. vortex d. none of the above 3. In English the sounds [ p ], as in spa, and [ p ʰ ], as in paw, are _________________ because there is a phonological rule that causes voiceless stops to be aspirated when they are in the initial position of a stressed syllable. a. manifestations of two different phonemes b. allophones of the same phoneme c. examples of a minimal pair d. syllabifications of ph 4. Which of the following is a valid phonetic transcription for the word mathematics ? a. [mA θ emAtics] b. [mA θə metikz] c. [mat ʰə matics] d. [ma θə ma ɾɪ ks] 5. Which of the following words has exactly 5 phones, as currently pronounced? a. ships b. truth c. throats d. north 6. Because the pronunciations of the words knight and night are identical (i.e., [najt]), we can say that these two words __________ and that ______________. a. are homophonous … their spellings probably represent pronunciations that were once different b. are a minimal pair … [ k n] and [n] represent distinct phonemes in English c. are a minimal pair … [ k n] and [n] are allophones of the same phoneme d. are homophonous … there is a difference in the pronunciation, but it is inaudible 7. Although [ A ̃ most ] is a possible pronunciation of almost for some people, the PHONEMIC representation of the this word in current California English is _________. The pronunciation [ A ̃ most ] is the result of two interacting phonological rules: one that (optionally) suppresses the pronunciation of the /l/ phoneme and one that nasalizes the /a/ phoneme because the nasal phoneme /m/ comes to immediately follow it as a result of /l/ suppression. a. /A ̃ most/ b. /a ̃ lm ɔ st / c. /Almost/ d. /A ː moAst/ 8. In which of the following sentences does the italicized word contain a BOUND ROOT? a.
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Final+Exam+Key - FINAL EXAM FORM INSTRUCTIONS Write your...

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