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Homework+04 - noun P = preposition S = sentence(or clause V...

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Linguistics 1 Homework #4 Due Monday, November 1 Part One From the textbook, do the following exercises from Chapter 4: 11, 13, and 18 Part Two Using the phrase structure rules given below, draw appropriate diagrams of the tree structures of the following sentences. 1. A waiter told the customer that the chef was singing. 2. The woma n in the small car might need a helpful reminder. 3 . They thought that we knew that the senator said that he had proposed a new law. 4 . She must have been eating a large pizza with ketchup on the crust. Phrase Structure Rules Note: Det = determiner, which includes the, a, that, this, these, those , among others; Aux = auxiliary verb; Adv = adverb; Adj = adjective; Comp = complementizer; Pron = pronoun; N =
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Unformatted text preview: noun; P = preposition; S = sentence (or clause); V = Verb. These rules do not constitute the complete set of phrase structure rules for English and are slightly different from those mentioned in the textbook. Parentheses around a constituent indicate optional inclusion. Thus, rule 4, for example, actually abbreviates two alternative rules for NP: NP Det N´ and NP N´. 1. S NP VP 2. VP Aux VP 3. VP V (NP) (PP) (CP) 4. NP (Det) N´ 5. NP NP PP 6. NP Pron 7. N´ (AP) N´ 8. N´ N 9. PP P NP 10. CP Comp S 11. AP (Adv) Adj...
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