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Linguistics 1 Homework #5 Due Monday, November 15 Part One From the textbook, do exercise 8(A-G only) and 9 , from Chapter 5 . Part Two For each of the following sentences, show that you understand the ambiguity by giving a paraphrase for each meaning and identify whether the ambiguity is structural (due to different tree structures) or lexical (due to more than one meaning or sense for a word or phrase). Draw the different tree structures for those sentences that are structurally ambiguous. For those that are lexically ambiguous, identify whether the ambiguity is due to the presence of a word with more than one meaning or sense (i.e., homonymy or polysemy) or the presence of an idiom , i.e., a string of words that can have a non-compositional meaning that has to be listed in the dictionary. a. The instructor hit the nail on the head. ( find two meanings ) b. I found the biggest city without a map. ( find two meanings ) c. Sally remained on the wagon for a long time. ( find two meanings
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