After speaking with my daughter

After speaking with my daughter - After speaking with my...

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After speaking with my daughter-in law, the name brand product she is loyal to is, Gain liquid laundry detergent. She likes the different scents and the matching dryer sheets. She feels that Gain products have better deals that Tide, and have a larger selection of fragrances. Coupons for Gain products are easier to find that other brands of laundry detergent. This product leaves clothes with a soft, clean, and refreshing smell that can be noticed by the people around you. Gain was not always her product of choice. During the interview she mentioned she use to buy cheaper non brands of laundry detergent, but she had to use more to get better results, so she felt it was costing more than buying brand name detergent. Some of the power detergents stuck to her clothes and soap would still be on the clothes even after dryer. So you know what that means. Clothes had to be rewashed. Our days are busy enough without having to rewash the laundry. Before switching to Gain, Tide was a favorite until the price kept increasing. Tide is limited to basically the same scents. Even when Tide is on sale, it does not beat the cost of Gain. Take a coupon to the store, and Gain is still cheaper than Tide. How she actually started using Gain was when a Wal-Mart representative was passing out Gain coupons during one of their advertising campaigns. She needed laundry detergent so she used her coupon and bought Gain for the first time and has been using it ever since. Gain lucked out that day. They still are coming out with different fragrances, so when you go to the store for laundry soap, do not be surprised if there is something new on the shelf.
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What one consumer sees in a product, another may not see. There are many different brands of laundry detergent on the market and they all range in different cost ranges and claim to
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After speaking with my daughter - After speaking with my...

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