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HUMA215_Group Project Evaluation

HUMA215_Group Project Evaluation - Complete the form below...

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GROUP PROJECT EVALUATION SHEET UNIT 3 Group Project Total points: 125 40% of this score is determined by the ratings provided by each student in the group. The project score determines the other 60%. While the paper grade will apply equally to each team member, the evaluation score will depend on your team ratings. Instructions: After submitting your group project, complete this evaluation by rating each team and providing a brief statement explaining your rating. Be sure to also provide a rating for yourself. The two categories for review are communication and content. After completing this evaluation, post this document in your individual drop box. Communication (25 points)= Timely contact with group members, provided materials on time, contributed to effective team atmosphere, attended meetings, handed in required materials. Content (25 points)= Materials provided were of high quality, easy to use, fit with group plan.
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Unformatted text preview: Complete the form below for your Team: Member Name Comm. 25 points Content 25 points TOTAL 50 points Evaluation Comments Padgett, Kelly 25 25 50 The group as a whole worked very well together. Parts did not get in on Friday, however, Pyrlik, Richard 25 25 50 Everyone has things in their lives that come up, so these things were worked around. Shepard, Sheree 25 25 50 Everyone was willing to help each other were needed. It was a difficult subject because it is very broad, but everyone did their research and I feel did a great job. Powell, Sharonda 25 25 50 I have experienced several group projects at AIU, and felt this group was working for the save goals and there were no conflicts. Spinks, Rhonda Lynn 25 25 50 I personally enjoyed working with them. Barbara Ryals, Barbara 25 25 50 ***Don’t forget to include yourself in these ratings!***...
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HUMA215_Group Project Evaluation - Complete the form below...

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