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I had to place my mother into a nursing home

I had to place my mother into a nursing home - residents...

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I had to place my mother into a nursing home, and was not sure where to start. Every nursing home I called had the same concept. They all claim to have the best rehabilitation, the best food, the best services, and even the best activities. So, the question is, “How do I find the right nursing home for my family member?” It was recommended I visit several facilities before making a decision, so, that’s exactly what I did. I picked five nursing homes in the area and made notes about each them. After I got home, I carefully looked over my notes and cut my decision down to two. One of them was a new facility that just opened and the other was older but felt like home when I took the tour. Still undecided which of the two nursing homes to place my family member, I thought I would make another visit to each of the homes. I had the opportunity to personally sit down with each department head and ask questions, and then was given permission to walk around to visit
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Unformatted text preview: residents and families at my request. The resident’s and the families in the older nursing home gave me a good impression. Everything was positive except for one resident that just did not want to be there. My heart went out to him because he did not have any family and had no one to visit him. I also reviewed the state and federal surveys for the last two years, there were no citations. The building was clean and odor free, and had a home-like atmosphere. The new facility did not give me a homey feeling. There were no survey reports to compare to except for when they first opened. They did not seem to have enough activities for the residents, and even though it was new, had a high turnover in staff. My final decision came down to the older facility. After talking with friends, touring homes, and interview residents, I found word of mouth is the best marketing tool....
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