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Jaycen Swedeen 24759 Oakview ct. Loxley,Al 36551 (251)923-8367 To Whom it may Concern, My name is Jaycen Swedeen and I am a former student of Kaplan University. Initially, the purpose of my enrollment at Kaplan was and still is to reach an higher education so I may have a career I can enjoy and to be able to give my family a better view of life through my goals that I achieve. At the time I was attending school, these goals had to be put off due to living and finacial situations which made it dificult to attend my classes regularly. As of now, I am in a stable place in my life which can allow me to continue my goal of reaching this higher education and I find no better place to achieve this goal than at Kaplan University. Most importantly, I should make sure if given this opportunity to come back to Kaplan, that I am able to meet the
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Unformatted text preview: deadlines that are given to me and I am ready to give 110% to this goal I know I am able to complete. With that said, I am ready to comply with the reguations that are set in place for me if given this opportunity with Kaplan University. Through life we make mistakes and its whether we learn from these mistakes that matter. Through the misakes that I have made, I can tell you honestly that I have learned from them and ready to continue on the path that I have set for myself which starts with finishing my degree. I know that this is one of the tougher of my goals but, once I have completed this one it will make the rest of my goals that much easier. I hope that you do reconsider me and allow me to come back to Kaplan. Thank You for your time in this matter. Sicerely, Jaycen Swedeen...
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