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Nicholas Calaceto Lab # 5 Intro to operational amplifiers Introduction: In this experiment we will investigate the operational amplifier. It is capable of performing mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integration, and differentiation on input signals. a. This investigation requires that we assemble four different circuits using the operational amplifier. These circuits will contain either an inverting amp or a non-inverting amp. The first circuit is a voltage follower, to check the DC voltage. The next two are the two basic operational amp circuits and the last one is a summing amplifier which is created using two op-amps. b. The equipment used was a variable AC/DC power supply, digital multimeter, oscilloscope, various resistors, op-amps, wire, and a protoboard. c. In the inverting amplifier, the output voltage changes in an opposite direction to the input voltage. While in a non-inverting amplifier, the output voltage changes in the same direction as the input
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