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332:373 Elements of Electrical Engineering Spring, 2010 Dr. Shoane Minimum Things to Know for Final Exam Know: 1. How to combine impedances in parallel and in series. 2. KCL, KVL, voltage divider, and current divider rules for impedances. 3. Use phasors and impedances to solve for current or voltage. 4. Know the equations for calculating the Fourier series coefficients a 0 , a n , and b n . 5. For a bandpass filter: the equations for the resonant frequency, damping ratio, bandwidth, and half-power frequencies. 6. Sketch asymptotic Bode magnitude and phase plots. 7. The Laplace transform of dv/dt is sV, for zero initial conditions; and the Laplace transform of the integral of v is V/s. 8. How to find an equation corresponding to a cascade of op amp circuits.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. a) How to calculate and draw impedance, voltage, and power triangles. b) For a load with impedance Z L = R + jX, the power factor, pf = cos θ = 2 2 X R R + . 10. a) For a transformer with turn ratio N = 1/n, V 2 = N V 1 , and I 2 = I 1 /N. Also, the source effectively sees the load reduced by a factor of N 2 , or Z/N 2 . b) The power transmission efficiency is given by η = P load /P source . c) Maximum power transfer occurs when the equivalent Z load = (Z source ) * . 11. How to write differential equations relating electrical and mechanical subsystems in an electromagnetic transducer....
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