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Lecture Notes 10 26 07 Hard Bop Art Blakey and Horace Silver Not a revolution, an extension of what bebop did Brought some of the old things bebop left behind like blues and gospel Musically complex but with some old components like hummable melody, more arranged sound to the band, still small group like bebop and Charlie parker improv solos I. Clifford Brown a. Trumpet b. First period of hard bop c. Logical, linear way of playing d. Joyful, bubbly vibe e. Sounds like poetry II. Freddy Hubbard a. Last real influential jazz trumpet
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Unformatted text preview: b. Late 50s c. Defined modern jazz trumpet playing d. More aggressive style III. Cannonball Aderly a. Charlie Parker with blues and gospel b. Most heavily infusion of gospel into jazz c. Alto sax IV. JJ Johnson a. Still main trombone guy V. Wes Montgomery a. Most famous guitar player b. Played with thumb, not pick c. Built climactic solos with different tiers i. Charlie Parker lines ii. Then octaves iii. Lines with full chords d....
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