EE567-Project1A - EE 567 Matlab Project#1 Due Date Friday...

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EE 567 Matlab Project #1 Due Date: Friday, October 30 @ 5:00p in EE 567 drop box near EEB 104 Problem: In this project, you will build a digital communication system in Matlab that implements the transmitter, receiver, and AWGN channel. You will develop sample-based simulations as compared to symbol based simulations. That is, the transmitted symbols must be oversampled to provide adequate time resolution. You will generate results for 2-PAM, 4-QAM, 16-PAM,16- QAM and 16-PSK. You must implement the following functional blocks: (1) Random bit generator (2) Symbol mapper (3) SQRC matched filters (4) Additive noise generator (5) Symbol detector (6) Inverse symbol mapper (7) Probability of error (BER) calculation Each of these blocks has been previously described in class. The symbol rate is 1 Hz, so one symbol per second. The sampling rate is 16 times the symbol rate. Thus, the sampling rate, fs, is 16 Hz. PART 1: 1) Implement the simulation blocks and plot the waveforms of the first 16 symbols after each stage for 2-PAM for the noise-free case. 2) Plot the probability of error (BER) versus E b /N 0 for the 2-PAM and 4-QAM schemes that are using the ideal matched SQRC filters. The range should be from 0 dB to 15 dB. Turn in the plot containing: a) BER vs. E b /N 0 for 2-PAM, 4-QAM along with the theoretical BER vs. E
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EE567-Project1A - EE 567 Matlab Project#1 Due Date Friday...

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