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Quiz Name: (3 points) What assumptions are used to create the ideal gas model (PV=nRT)? Volume of molecules is not significant vs. volume occupied by the gas There are no intermolecular interactions other than inelastic collisions. (3 points) What assumptions are used to in the Law of Corresponding States (PV=ZnRT)? That the intermolecular interactions of all materials are the same at their critical point (critical T and P).
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, the critical point properties can be used to model the non-ideal properties of individual real materials. (4 points) What is the general process used to improve models (or critical arguments)? Examine the assumptions (premises) and alter/change them to be more realistic/accurate. This also requires examining/altering the logical structure of the model (argument) after the premises have been changed....
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