flat solid rxn problem

flat solid rxn problem - 2/min Vm = 0.5 gm/cm 2-min Km =...

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A 20 cm (total thickness) flat plate composed of reactant B is reacted with fluid reactant A via an enzymatic reaction. No single resistance controls the reaction process, i.e. film, reacted layer, and reaction are all significant. Data: C Ag = 0.52 gm/cm 3 ρ B = 3.5 gm/cm 3 b = 6.3 k g = 5.7 cm/min De =0.352 cm
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Unformatted text preview: 2 /min Vm = 0.5 gm/cm 2-min Km = 0.7 gm/cm 3 A. Which resistance is the most important? Explain/justify your answer. B. Assuming all resistances are significant, given the information above, calculate how long (min) it would take to convert 75% of the solid reactant into product....
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