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The Vanishing Heap of Sand Adapted from Dr. John G. Pomery, Purdue Econ 368 Background : Suppose that we dumped a pile of ten million grains of sand on the sidewalk. This would be quite a significant heap of sand. Now remove the sand, one grain at a time. By the time we get down to no more than a handful of grains of sand, we clearly do not have a heap of sand; for example, most of us would agree that four or five grains of sand do not comprise a heap. It seems as though when we started we clearly did have a heap of sand, and by the time we got almost to the completion of the task, we clearly did not; yet it is hard to find a point where we lost having a heap. At question is, when is a heap not a heap? (This is generically known as the Sorites' Paradox.) Answer the following questions in written form (email your answers to Dr. Tao) and be prepared to discuss your answers in class. (Note: In addition to the quality of your reflective thought, grammar and spelling will also be evaluated.) Questions:
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