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model tree growth - You must clearly explain the rationale...

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Modeling homework Please develop a rate model (differential equation) for the growth of a tree as a function of time. Please include concepts such as photosynthesis, uptake of nutrients, expelling of waste products, transpiration, and heat transfer in the model. You are welcome to expand your model with additional concepts as you see fit. You are welcome to use literature sources for additional information (please include citations). You do not need to solve the model to obtain the growth as a function of time. Evaluation of model will be based on thoughtful inclusion of basic principles and fundamental relationships from biology, science, physics, and engineering, as well as logical/rational assembly of the model. Evaluation of your model will partially be based on the sophistication/complexity of the model (both scientific and numerical).
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Unformatted text preview: You must clearly explain the rationale for all terms you include in your model. Please provide adequate explanation of nomenclature/terms and principles/relationships used in model. For example, you should probably define what growth is, what a tree is composed of (chemical species), component mass balances, etc. It might help to think about what a tree is, what it does and how it does it. If you are unfamiliar with what a tree is or how it functions, please check out the following websites: http://ag.arizona.edu/pubs/garden/mg/botany/plantparts.html http://www.estrellamountain.edu/faculty/farabee/biobk/biobooktoc.html I note that, “d(growth)/dt = mass in – mass out” is not an appropriately detailed model....
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