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TASK 3 4 5 Satisfactory 6 Superior Self Introduction States name only States name and place of origin Some extra info about name, self, place of origin (see superior ). Pronunciation clues for name; what people call you. Native language. Something personal. Preview outline Doesn’t preview outline States main points on the handout Uses discourse markers effectively and states main points of the outline. Paraphrases main points of outline; consistent use of idiomatic discourse markers and inclusive language (we, let’s) Comprehension checks Doesn’t stop for comprehension checks Any questions? Are you following? OK so far? Do you have any questions about ( something specific you just talked about )? Asks specific questions that require audience to think and demonstrate understanding. Intro to topic States topic and begins covering main points on outline. Signals intro with discourse markers; simple intro but no ‘big picture’ or background info. Gives ‘big picture’ and
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