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Outline of a research presentation: Title page (including presenter name and affiliation) Overview (of the presentation) Introduction / Background/ Motivation (e.g. I have developed an interest in the general topic of XXX, because ….) Literature Review (needs to have the citations, e.g. (Bachman and Palmer, 1996), and the most important arguments in the publications that are related to your study) Research Question(s) (If RQ section is after Lit. Review, then supposedly these research questions are focused and manageable now.) Methodology (would have only “interview” for almost everybody in the class. Explain who you
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Unformatted text preview: interviewed, why you interviewed him/her, when, where and how you did the interview, etc.) Findings/ Results (What your interviewee said (exact words)) Discussions (after analysis of everything) (You could talk about your sub-arguments that you wrote in the body of your AE) Conclusion (would be your central argument in the AE) Significance of the study Limitations of the study References (a list with detailed information about each publication, like what we did in Lit. Review and Argumentative Essay)...
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