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COM 114 Outline Rubric A “C” outline meets the minimum standards for the assignment including the general purpose and: Includes specific purpose Includes a thesis Is written in complete sentences Has a consistent pattern of indentation and appropriate symbolization Includes transitions between intro, body, conclusion and all main points Contains all elements of an effective introduction (attention getter, thesis, credibility, and relevance) Contains a body with at least two distinct main points along with supporting material Contains all elements of an effective conclusion (thesis review, clincher) Includes a reference page that is written in APA with few errors The reference page contains the minimum number of sources for the assignment The outline has few writing/grammatical errors A “B” Outline meets all the criteria for a “C” outline and: Demonstrates effective subordination (main points are appropriately supported) Includes a thesis which is expressed as a statement, has one distinct idea, and contains the
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