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Study Guide 198 - Exam 1 Study Guide Fitness 1 The purpose...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 Study Guide Fitness 1. The purpose of strength training Is the joint stabilization a. Opposing muscle groups work at every joint b. I t is important to strengthen the opposing muscles groups so they pull equally on the joint c. Improves posture & prevents injury 2. Health benefits of strength training • strength ↑ • Improved joint stabilization & posture • Improved ability to perform daily activities • bone density, osteoporosis ↑ ↓ • size of muscle fibers ↑ • Break down – build-up increases metabolism o Recommended 48-72 hours of rest per muscle group • Most benefits when accompanied by endurance training 3. Volitional fatigue: The fatigue experienced when performing a set of repetitions, that prevents the continuation of the correct execution of another repetition • Serves as an indicator of how much we can do 4. Strength training zones for mass and strength increase • For Size & Strength Increase: higher weight – fewer reps • 4-6 reps until volitional fatigue • For just Strength Increase: lower weight – more reps • 8-12 reps until volitional fatigue 5. Basic understanding of skeletal muscles • Every muscle has to attachments to bones. • Origin: Attachment point where muscle begins. • Insertion: Attachment point where muscle ends . • Action: Movement of the Insertion towards the origin. *The origin always pushes the insertion towards itself. 6. The key points of the two phases of an isotonic contraction Muscle moves at it contracts. Concentric Phase : muscle shortens as the insertion moves towards the origin - QUICK • FORCE PRODUCING PHASE of the repetition (exhale) Eccentric Phase : muscle lengthens as the insertion moves away from the origin - SLOWER • RESISTANCE PHASE of the repetition (inhale) • Most effective phase of the repetition!!!Most effective phase of the repetition!...
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Study Guide 198 - Exam 1 Study Guide Fitness 1 The purpose...

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