EXTENDED TEST2 - E-Questions 1.*Rank the cutting tool...

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E-Questions 1.*Rank the cutting tool performance: Diamond>CBN>WC>HSS 2.*When increasing the rotating speed of a drill bit from 315 rpm to 400, the cutting speed increases approximately: 25% 3.*According to the Merchant’s equation, an increase in rake angle would have which of the following results (assuming other factors remain the same): Decrease in power requirement and Increase in shear angle. 4.*A correct process to fabricate a keyway (6 mm wide x 3 mm deep) is: Broaching. 5.*The correct order to fabricate a threaded hole is: Center drill, drill, tap and counter sink. 6.*The ch. Plastic Processes in the DVD illustrates: Injection Molding and Blow Molding. 7.*The correct plastic flow sequence in plastic injection molding is: (Nozzle ), Sprue, runner, gate, cavity. 8*A lathe is used to perform which of the following manufacturing operations? Drilling and Turning. 9.*Which of the following cutting conditions has the strongest effect on cutting temperature? Cutting Speed 10.*The pacifier is most likely produce by: Injection Molding 11*For Time and Motion Study, select the INCORRECT sentence among: The observe time is more than standard time. 12*A circular die for extrusion blow molding has outer diameter of 45 mm and inner
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EXTENDED TEST2 - E-Questions 1.*Rank the cutting tool...

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