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*When comparing the tensile properties of 1045 and 1015 steels: The 1045 has higher yield strength and lower ductility than other steel. *Why should polyethylene thermoplastic be manufactured into useful forms at both fast rate and high temperature ? To reduce the polymer’s viscosity . *Compare the 1015 steel against the 1045 steel using 3 criterias: 1045 steel is harder and has more carbon. 1015 is more ductible than 1045. *Compare 1015 steel and 6061 aluminum using four criteria Criteria Steel Aluminum Criteria Steel Aluminum Rust Yes Negligible Cost Low High Density Heavy Light Machinable Low High *An alloy with 4% C and 96%Fe is Cast Iron *Find the Incorrect Sentence: Both 1020 and 6061-T6 Are ferrous materials. *Possible units for shear strength in (SI) and US are: kPa and ksi. *Which polymer does not involve cross-linking? Elastomers *Metrology includes measurement of: Dimension, form and surface.
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