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Unformatted text preview: E-Questions *Rank the cutting tool performance: Diamond>CBN>WC>HSS *When increasing the rotating speed of a drill bit from 315 rpm to 400, the cutting speed increases approximately: 25% *According to the Merchant’s equation, an increase in rake angle would have which of the following results (assuming other factors remain the same) Decrease in power requi rement and I ncrease in shear angle. *A correct process to fabricate a keyway (6 mm wide x 3 mm deep) is: Broaching. *The correct order to fabricate a threaded hole is: Center drill, drill, tap and counter sink. *A lathe is used to perform which of the following manufacturing operations? Drilling and Tu rning *Which of the following cutting conditions has the strongest effect on cutting temperature? Cutting Speed *Broaching is a machining process that pushes or pulls a cutting tool (called a broach) over or through the surface being machined. Its high-production, metal removal process is sometimes required to make one-of-a-kind parts. *The broaching tool has a series of teeth so arranged that they cut material when the broach is given a linear movement. *Broaching is best described by: a tool with multiple teeth moves linearly past a stationary workpiece. *Specific Energy is Unit Power. *1HP=2.259*10^-2 J/S *G rinding is close to milling *The Chapter Turning Operation in the DVD illustrates Tapering and Facing *A circular die for extrusion blow molding has outer diameter of 45 mm and inner diameter of 30mm. If the average thickness swelling ration is 1.075, then its die opening (Thickness) is: 7.5 M M [(45-30)/2] *Plastic Processing is normally operating at fast rate and high temperature to: Decrease viscosity and decrease yield strength of plastic....
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