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International Law Memo_BUS 430 - Running head INTERNATIONAL...

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Running head: INTERNATIONAL LAW MEMO 1 International Law Memo Shelly Hall BUS/430 1/23/2011 Thomas Kohler
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INTERNATIONAL LAW MEMO 2 International Law Memo Understanding international law is imperative for a company intending to do business internationally. This paper will discuss international trade, licensing agreements, intellectual property rights, foreign direct investments, and Managing Risk as well as discussing social responsibility in international business and a corporation’s code of conduct. Trade International trade has steadily been growing and changing into a globalized economy. According to August, Mayer & Bixby, “Indeed, one of the most remarkable trends in international law during the past six decades has been the steady movement away from tariffs and quotas and toward free trade among the nations of the world.” (August, Mayer, & Bixby, 2009) “The trade administration assists in the development of U.S. trade policy in the global economy to create jobs and economic growth by promoting U.S. companies.” (The Trade Administration, n.d.) They also help companies with compliance issues, trade laws, and advocate efforts. Licensing agreements and intellectual property rights According to Pedreira “A license is a contractual right that gives someone permission to do a certain activity or to use certain property owned by someone else.” (Pedreira, 2010).
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International Law Memo_BUS 430 - Running head INTERNATIONAL...

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