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ASE 330M Linear System Analysis Unique Number: 12495, Spring 2006 Homework #4 Frequency Response Function BIBO Stability Date given: February 28, 2006 Date Due: March 7, 2006 1. An LTI system has a step response ( e - t sin t ) u ( t ). (a) Determine whether the system is BIBO stable. (b) Evaluate the frequency response function for this system. Further, obtain expressions
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Unformatted text preview: for the magnitude and argument (phase angle) of the frequency response function. 2. Determine stability and frequency response functions for each of the following LTI systems having impulse responses described by: (a) h ( t ) = e-| t | (b) h ( t ) = cos( t )[ u ( t-3)-u ( t + 3)] (c) h ( t ) = e 2 t u (-t ) 1...
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