hw2-soln.m - xlabel'Reaql Axis ylabel'Imaginary Axis...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % Problem B14 w1=exp(j*pi/2)*ones(3,1)-[2*exp(j*pi/6) 2*exp(3*j*pi/2) 2*exp(17*j*pi/6)] % Problem B.22 (a) t1 = [0:0.01:10]' x1 = real(2*exp((-1+2*pi*j)*t1)) % Problem B.22 (b) x2 = imag(3*ones(length(t1),1) - exp((1-2*pi*j)*t1)) % Problem B.22 (c) x3 = 3*ones(length(t1),1) - imag(exp((1-2*pi*j)*t1)) % Problem B.24 X = zeros(length(t1),10) for k = 1:10 X(:,k) = cos(2*pi*k*t1) end x4 = sum(X,2) % Problem B.39 (a) omega = [-pi:0.01:pi]' fr = cos(omega) fi = 0.1*sin(2*omega) % Plotting figure subplot(3,2,1) axis equal plot(w1,'O') title('Solutions to B.14')
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Unformatted text preview: xlabel('Reaql Axis') ylabel('Imaginary Axis') subplot(3,2,2) plot(t1,x1) title('Solutions to B.22(a)') xlabel('t') ylabel('x(t)') subplot(3,2,3) plot(t1,x2) title('Solutions to B.22(b)') xlabel('t') ylabel('x(t)') subplot(3,2,4) plot(t1,x3) Sheet1 Page 2 title('Solutions to B.22(c)') xlabel('t') ylabel('x(t)') subplot(3,2,5) plot(t1,x4) title('Solutions to B.24') xlabel('t') ylabel('x(t)') subplot(3,2,6) plot(fr,fi) title('Solution to B.39(a)') xlabel('Real Axis') ylabel('Imaginary Axis')...
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This note was uploaded on 09/25/2011 for the course ASE 18510 taught by Professor Jeannefalcon during the Spring '10 term at University of Texas.

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hw2-soln.m - xlabel'Reaql Axis ylabel'Imaginary Axis...

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