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QABE Lecture 4 Geometric Progressions and Annuities School of Economics, UNSW 2011 Contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Geometric Progressions 2 3 Annuities 3 3 . 1 T e rm ino l o gy. .................................. 3 3.2 Present Value, A ................................ 4 3 . 3 Sp r e ad sh e e t ingi t................................ 5 3.4 Future Value, S ................................. 6 4 Annuities Due 6 1 Introduction Depending on your studies, you may never have heard of an ‘annuity’. However, chances are, you have actually been thinking about, or seeing the work of, annuities in everyday life for years. For example, when you are repaying your mobile phone in a number of ±xed installments you are paying an annuity . When you take out a loan for a car, or some other purchase, and then begin repaying the loan, you are dealing with an annuity .I f you have an older friend who is receiving a regular pension amount from a superanuation bene±t such that there will be nothing left by their life’s end, they are getting money through an annuity . Finally, if you have a savings account which you regularly transfer money into (say, monthly) and don’t intend to touch for a number of years (as in the ±lm, The Bank ), you have an annuity . Enough said. You see, annuities do live something of a secret life – we all use many ±nancial services which have their own speci±c names, but if we look a little deeper, we are just dealing with an annuity . To understand these creatures better, we have to start with a bit of maths to refresh ourselves on the nature of geometric progressions and series , which will then enable us to investigate the many- and varied- forms of an annuity. If you can get a handle on annuities, then doubt-less you’ll become a favoured expert amongst friends and family as you crunch the numbers on their various ±nancial options! Agenda 1. Background: the geometric progression and series; 2. Annuities – present, future value; 1
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ECON 1202/ECON 2291: QABE c ± School o fEconomics, UNSW 3. Annuities due. 2 Geometric Progressions Consider the following number sequences: 2 ,-2,2,-2,2,-2,2,-2,2,-2,2,-2 (-1) 1.00 ,0.60,0.36,0.22,0.13,0.08,0.05 (0.6) 0.5 ,1.3,3.1,7.8,19.5,48.8,122.1,305.2 (2.5) ... in each, we have, An initial value , a ;and A ratio of terms , r , r = x i +1 x i Defnition | Geometric Progression A (fnite) geometric progression (or sequence) is a list oF numbers where the frst number a is chosen, and subsequent numbers are given by multiplying
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QABE_Notes04 - QABE Lecture 4 Geometric Progressions and...

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