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Module Four Notes - Module Four Notes Political Parties I...

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Module Four Notes Political Parties I. Role of Parties make policy preferences set agendas select candidates run campaigns A MAJOR access point for Interest groups and individuals. II. American Parties are moderate Plurality - favors the two party system; Smaller parties can't win power because of plurality voting. parties are interested in power more than policy little party loyalty Moderate - not as extreme as the rest of the world. Today - The republicans are pushing the party to the right. Clinton pushed democrats from left to center. III. Membership Democrats are losing numbers to both the Republicans and Independency. There is no Independent party- per se- registering as an Independent means you are neither a Dem or Rep!!!! Due to an increase in IND - dems and Rep are within 35 points of each other. Rep - the right wing and Christian coalition trying to push Reps to the right. Example: Pat Robertson had more delegates at the Nat'l Convention in 1992 when he was NOT a candidate than in 1988 when he was a candidate. Dem - using Superdelegates to reinvolve state level politicians in national politics Third Parties - are usually ideological Ross Perot was unique - doesn't need money, Spent more than 2x the other candidates, gained momentum from the anti-incumbency movement. IV. Party Coalitions Traditional Democrats Catholics Jews Feminists Lawyers Graduate students College professors Blacks Hispanics* Union members Blue-collar workers Pro-choice Urbanites
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Republicans Northern, White Protestants Evangelical Christians Corporate workers Suburbanites Small town dwellers Self-employed Ex-military Cuban Americans* Pro-life Recent examples: Recent Winning Coalitions Reagan Coalition – 1980 Reagan held the traditional Republicans, but also gathered support from the other side:
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