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Lesson 02.01 - The product market is increasing because...

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Lesson 02.01 Everything is Counted 1a. b. The millennium party at the Macro Islands helped firms sell their goods and services such as catering, decoration, entertainment, rent a yacht or center, and so on. The party also gave a boost to the resource market and households since; entertainment has to be set up, a party needs a host, food and drinks have to be prepared, and the party won’t clean up after itself. The party has also brought attention, and tourists, to the Macro Islands.
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Unformatted text preview: The product market is increasing because firms are selling their goods, such as souvenirs, and services to the tourists. The resource market is also growing since households are selling their labor, entrepreneurship to firms. Government could loan money to businesses that are starting up, build a canal for boat travel, buy equipment from firms to build roads, hire people to guide tourists or search for fraud, etc....
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