LM555C - CA555, CA555C, LM555C UCT UCT D ROD TE P TE PRO E...

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1 Semiconductor CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. Copyright © Harris Corporation 1999 CA555, CA555C, LM555C Timers for Timing Delays and Oscillator Applications in Commercial, Industrial and Military Equipment The CA555 and CA555C are highly stable timers for use in precision timing and oscillator applications. As timers, these monolithic integrated circuits are capable of producing accurate time delays for periods ranging from microseconds through hours. These devices are also useful for astable oscillator operation and can maintain an accurately controlled free running frequency and duty cycle with only two external resistors and one capacitor. The circuits of the CA555 and CA555C may be triggered by the falling edge of the waveform signal, and the output of these circuits can source or sink up to a 200mA current or drive TTL circuits. These types are direct replacements for industry types in packages with similar terminal arrangements e.g. SE555 and NE555, MC1555 and MC1455, respectively. The CA555 type circuits are intended for applications requiring premium electrical performance. The CA555C type circuits are intended for applications requiring less stringent electrical characteristics. Pinout CA555, CA555C, LM555C, (PDIP) TOP VIEW Features • Accurate Timing From Microseconds Through Hours • Astable and Monostable Operation • Adjustable Duty Cycle • Output Capable of Sourcing or Sinking up to 200mA • Output Capable of Driving TTL Devices • Normally ON and OFF Outputs • High Temperature Stability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.005%/ o C • Directly Interchangeable with SE555, NE555, MC1555, and MC1455 Applications • Precision Timing • Sequential Timing • Time Delay Generation • Pulse Generation • Pulse Detector • Pulse Width and Position Modulation Functional Block Diagram Part Number Information PART NUMBER (BRAND) TEMP. RANGE ( o C) PACKAGE PKG. NO. CA0555E -55 to 125 8 Ld PDIP E8.3 CA0555CE 0 to 70 8 Ld PDIP E8.3 LM555CN 0 to 70 8 Ld PDIP E8.3 GND TRIGGER OUTPUT RESET 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 V+ DISCHARGE THRESHOLD CONTROL VOLTAGE THRESHOLD COMPAR 6 THRESHOLD 8 V+ 5 TRIGGER 2 CONTROL TRIGGER FLIP-FLOP OUTPUT 3 OUTPUT 7 DISCHARGE 4 RESET 1 GND December 1999 File Number 834.6 [ /Title (CA55 5, CA555 C, LM555 C) /Sub- ject (Tim- ers for Timing Delays and Oscilla- tor Appli- cations in Com- mer- cial, Indus- trial and Mili- tary Equip- ment)
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LM555C - CA555, CA555C, LM555C UCT UCT D ROD TE P TE PRO E...

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