Justin+Testing+Intelligence - The results were quite...

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The results were quite accurate, a little more time would have been nice it seemed as though the test timed out or did not give me the full extent of the 15 minutes. However, I was a bit tired when taking the test. I am certain that if I had more rest I could have done better. The best part about the results is that they were all broken down so that one could see how each area affected the judgment or score. I scored 70 (below average) which I know could be better but a score of 100 at best. As I grow older my intelligence will increase, I am not a naturally born genius. Therefore, I might never excel to or past that point and academia will be more of a struggle. So long as I perceiver there should be no problem in achieving a higher score on the IQ test. Furthermore, the test was accurate/valid because the matter at hand has mostly to do with how much knowledge a person retains because quite frankly the IQ test was not that hard other than the time constraints. Was the test biased in any way? In a way yes and this is that it is not practical to be a genius or “gifted” I feel as though the bar may be set to high and an improvised system may be necessary. Which
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Justin+Testing+Intelligence - The results were quite...

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