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Unformatted text preview: Over a period of time our community has become plagued with illnesses and hardship. Now more than ever is time for us the public to stand up and fight for a cleaner environment. Our community needs to work together during a time like this to ask questions and receive answers. We must not accept answers that do not make sense. For two long we have been victims of this illness. We look not to push the gas company out of our community however altering its practices to allow for healthy living for each and every person in our community is a must. Everything within the community has become tainted from the bodies of water to the health of our neighbors. There must be a fair share of reprimand and compensation to be demanded. Even though there is no amount of money in the world that could possibly correct the current or ongoing damages to the health of those living within the community. Compensation is necessary to assume the cost of any and all doctor bills. We should not seek a compromise, but plausible necessary to assume the cost of any and all doctor bills....
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