Checkpoint-Detecting Plagiarism

Checkpoint-Detecting Plagiarism - all they really did was...

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After submitting the article to the Plagiarism Checker, the results showed that there was no originality. There was a 98% Similarity Index, 98% Internet Sources and 91% Publications. This proves that there was no originality at all. The results highlighted the entire article in res, which further proves it was copied and pasted into a word document. The checker also gave the internet sources used, although I went through the University Library. The Plagiarism Checker is very accurate when detecting plagiarism.
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My course of action towards the student would be to give them automatic zero, because
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Unformatted text preview: all they really did was copy and paste the article in an attempt to get full credit for it as if it were original. The student would have to be reported for plagiarism. They may even be expelled from the university according to policy. When talking to the student I would have to tell them that falsifying documents is not a good thing to do. You are stealing from someone, and taking credit for something that you did not take the time to do. Lying to an instructor also constitutes academic dishonesty. It's not fair for other students to work so hard, and for some to not do anything....
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Checkpoint-Detecting Plagiarism - all they really did was...

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