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WRD 202 (Winter 2011) Jon S. Mann Paper Assignment 1 SENSITIVE MEMORANDUM SCENARIO : You work in the Human Resources (HR) Department at Hoosier Inc., a large manufacturer of appliances. Recently, Ed Schuessler, an HR Assistant, drafted the following memorandum to be sent to all company employees. ______________________________________________________ To: All Employees From: Mr. Schuessler Date: January 3, 2011 Subject: Job Applicants PLEASE STOP SENDING FIENDS, RELATIVES, AND ANYBODY ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF TO THE HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE TO ASK FOR ME. I am covered up—and these people walking in at all hours of the day, unannounced and unscheduled, are just slowing down the hiring process. I don’t think you realize that some of these folks DEMAND to be seen just because you told them they would be. We have a process by which we do our hiring. AND part of that process is checking references before people are interviewed. Another part of the process is reviewing the application materials BEFORE we talk with a candidate. If you have someone in mind for a job—Tell them to send in an application first. THEN send an email with
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