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Paper Assignment 2 WRD

Paper Assignment 2 WRD - WRD 202(Winter 2011 Paper...

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WRD 202 (Winter 2011) Jon S. Mann Paper Assignment 2 BAD NEWS LETTER SCENARIO : You are the customer service manager of a successful daycare center, Ultra Daycare, at 418 Elm Street, Chicago, IL 60610. The center started with five children and has grown to a capacity of 42 children. The reputation of your center is so good that it has a waiting list of 35 children. As the customer service manager, you are now faced with a problem that you have not encountered in your eight years of working at the center. The owner of the center, Ellen Wobbly, has decided to expel a child, and it is your responsibility to write a letter to the child’s parents explaining the decision. You need to write a letter to Frank and Debbie Howard, 305 Elm Street, Chicago, IL 60610, telling them that their four-year-old son, Elmer, is being expelled from Ultra Daycare. The Howards have many friends with young children in the neighborhood, and Elmer is the oldest of the Howards’ three children. Elmer entered your center two months ago, and things haven’t been
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