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WRD 202 (Winter 2011) Jon S. Mann Paper Assignment 3 SPECIAL REQUEST LETTER SCENARIO : You are the chairperson of the DePaul Student Representation Association (DSRA). DePaul University has recently announced an increase of 16% in tuition rates for the 2011-2012 academic year. Your organization has received numerous calls and emails from students expressing their upset about the increase and asking for an explanation of the reasons for the increase, its timing (during an economic recession), whether there will be additional increases in coming years, and so on. You have discussed the situation with other DSRA officers and have concluded that requesting someone in the DePaul Administration to explain the reasons for the tuition increase in writing would be very helpful in responding to the students. The explanation would be distributed to students and others who ask for information on the increase. DSRA has decided to ask DePaul’s President to provide the written explanation. You will be
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