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Paper Assignment 4 WRD

Paper Assignment 4 WRD - WRD 202(Winter 2011 Paper...

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WRD 202 (Winter 2011) Jon S. Mann Paper Assignment 4-A RESUME Your assignment is to write a resume reflecting your current professional credentials. Purpose. Your purpose is to provide your audience with important and relevant information about your professional and educational background. Your larger purpose is to create a resume that will help you get job interviews and strong consideration for employment. Audience . Your audience is a potential employer in your area of career interest. Your analysis of this audience and of the requirements of the position being sought should guide your selection, organization, and presentation of information. Content. Your resume must contain the following elements: Your full name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address A statement of your professional objective Detailed information on your educational (college) background --Generally arranged in reverse chronological order --Emphasizing acquired knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to the position being applied for Detailed information about your work experience --Arranged in functional or reverse chronological format --Selected and expressed keeping the particular position being applied for in mind
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