Final Project Outline ICS

Final Project Outline ICS - o Organizational Feasibility o...

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ICS 394 – Final Project Outline The final project is a combination of all the work and presentations you’ve done during the quarter for class. I have been providing feedback on your assignments so that you may implement them and improve them in time for your project. The assignments are not all that will be included in the project since I didn’t ask you to hand in assignments for all sections, so you may need to polish and expand the work you’ve already done. Below is an outline of what the project may look like. Feel free to adapt this order to your personal preferences but all sections and analyses need to be included. Introduction o Your elevator pitch What is the problem What is your solution Why is it important/relevant and why it will sell Feasibility Analysis o Product/Service Feasibility Concept Statement Feasibility Survey Results o Industry/Market Feasibility
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Unformatted text preview: o Organizational Feasibility o Financial Feasibility • Market Research o Target Market • Business Model Analysis o Core Strategy o Strategic Resources o Partnership Network o Customer Interface • Industry and Competitor Analysis o Five Forces Competitive Analysis Threat of Substitutes Threat of New Entrants Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Rivalry Among Existing Firms o Competitive Analysis Direct/Indirect/Future Competitors Competitive Analysis Grid • Marketing o Product Attribute Map o Four Ps Analysis Product Promotion (sell benefits, not features!) • PR Marketing Plan • Guerrilla/Viral Marketing Plan Price Place • Financial Analysis o Assumption Sheet o Pro Forma Statements Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement...
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Final Project Outline ICS - o Organizational Feasibility o...

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