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Industry Analysis Outline ICS - market easily? b. What...

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Business Model Analysis Outline There is no page limit, but anything less than 10 pages will be considered suspect. The uploaded file must follow the following naming convention: TeamName_IndAnalysis.doc where TeamName is the name of your team. Make sure you upload the file to the correct area of D2L (Dropbox, not Locker) Each of the five forces has a number of components. Not all components will be applicable to your business. Study your situation and pick those components that are relevant to your particular venture. 1. Threat of Subsitutes a. What are the substitute products b. What strategies can the team implement to prevent customers from using them? 2. Threat of New Entrants a. Are there any existing companies that could enter your
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Unformatted text preview: market easily? b. What barriers to entry can the team erect to avoid/minimize the entrance of competitors into your market? i. Traditional ii. Non-Traditional 3. Rivalry Among Existing Firms a. Number of competitors b. Degree of product difference c. Growth rate of industry d. Level of fixed costs 4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers a. Supplier Concentration b. Switching Costs c. Attractiveness of Substitutes d. Threat of Forward Integration 5. Bargaining Power of Buyers a. Buyer Concentration b. Buyers Costs c. Degree of Standardization of Suppliers Products d. Threat of Backward Integration 6. Application of Five Forces Model a. Five forces Overview Table 7. Conclusion...
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Industry Analysis Outline ICS - market easily? b. What...

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