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01-chitchat-gph205 - GPH-205 Spring 2011 ChitChat#1 Guide...

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GPH-205 Spring 2011 ChitChat #1 Guide to the course in an e-book Jim Janossy March 31, 2011 Whazzup? I can see by the stats on the video viewings that some students may be having a wee bit of puzzlement as to how to use the course materials and how the e-book content works. So for my first weekly tube-side chat I figured it would be a good idea to give you a brief tour. In addition, a student asked today what should I do in studying and participating in this course? I think this may result from the fact that there s freedom in how you go about this instead of a rigid thou shalt do thus and so by such and such a date. The video here is the guide and my advice on how to go about doing the course is below. But first click on that yellow box to view the video! You ll get at least one of these chitchat sheets each week, possibly more than one. Instead of posting a video a just e-mailing the link, I will present these weekly little talks with a frame as illustrated on a page like this and a link to the video on YouTube. This
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